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Keith Keller
Allhomefurniture Inc. Co-founder

Keith Keller

Founded by Dave Scott in 2011 as a small retail store, Allhomefurniture Inc. has since become one of the fastest growing household furniture retailers, with over 1500 clients throughout the US and globally. Today, Allhomefurniture Inc. can boost of one of the finest quality of furniture and other interior accessories. We are focused to providing our clients with the best possible service and selection – that’s why we categorise our products and have our agents ready to respond to customers’ queries 24/7.

We are committed to providing customers high-quality name brand merchandise along with superior service. By growing our business one customer relationship at a time, Allhomefurniture Inc. has earned generations of repeat buyers. We want to keep our customers, and employees, for life – so we are there every step of the way.

The company is 100% owned by its employees. With this comes a commitment to our customers that is beyond a company mission. It is the pride of ownership that comes with being an owner that extends the commitment to our customers.


  • We Are Committed To Helping You Find The Household Furniture And Other Related Accessories That Will Enrich Your Life, Whether That Means Finding Used Furniture For Sale To Optimize A Small Space, Providing A Gaming Sofa For A Perfect Game Experience, Or Taking Home The Perfect Coffee Table With Stools To Gather With Friends.
  • We Don’t Just Stop At Providing You With The Best Household Furniture But Go As Far As Making Sure You Have A Wonderful Experience Once You Visit Our Online Shop; Offering Guidance, Making Sure Your Household Furniture Is Delivered Right To Your Doorstep.
  • Whether You Want To Smarten Up Up Your Living Room, Dining Section Or Are Looking To Put The Finishing Touches On A Spare Bedroom, Allhomefurniture Inc Has The Household Furniture Selection You Need To Do The Job And To Do The Job Well. From Sofas And Chairs To Accent Tables And Cabinets, Allhomefurniture Inc Has Over 2,500 Items To Choose From, Making It One Of The Most Dynamic And Versatile Home Furniture Collections. Find The Pieces You Need To Complete Your Home Office, Or Elevate Your Living Room With Signature Pieces That Offer Comfort And Sophistication. Take Advantage Of Items From One Of The Most Affordable Furniture And Home Décor Stores, And Find Household Furniture That Reflect Your Design Aesthetic And Personality.
  • Our goal at Allhomefurniture Inc. has always been to provide our clients with a vast selection of furniture at the best possible value. We have one of the largest and finest selection of household furniture. Plus you’ll find the best selection of living room groups, bedroom groups, gaming chairs, outdoor, recliners, kitchen, sofas, home office, and couches.
  • To offer the best selection, Allhomefurniture Inc. is constantly adding and changing its collections to bring new and exciting furniture designs to our showrooms.
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Meet Our Team

Sam Smith

Lead Marketing Director

Diane Banks

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Straut

Outreach Officer